Ausar Auset Society 
Kamitic Legacy

Was approached to provide a "make before break solution" for rebranding of the companies on line shopping website with the need to reduce cost.

The Ausar Auset Society International is an organization dedicated to the Pan-African spiritual teachings of Kamit (Ancient Egypt) through the work of Shekhem Ur Shekhem Ra Un Nefer Amen I, High Priest and author of Metu Neter Volumes 1-7 (and over 40 books). Founded in 1973, AAS has branches throughout the US, UK, Toronto, Bermuda, Trinidad, South Africa, and Ghana.


Advertise their online sale of products, and Pre-Pay for events at location augmented with an online internet mall capable of:

- WebMail Advertising & Marketing Zoom Webinar Classes
- Webmail publication sent to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 
- Include an eCommerce Online Store for direct sales books, CD's etc,.
-  Automatic gathering of customer information for future contact.