Another success story working with Khem Men Sih Napata a Homeopathic Physician out of London! Feb 2022

Khamitic-Therapeutics, requested WinTech's assistance to create an online presence for the naturopathic services offered to the general public in London England.  They needed to rapidly deploy a website capable of sharing their holistic services and information on the practitioners within a week! 

WinTech LLC fulfilled this as well as the need for continued and successful communication with clients through Constant Contact's email marketing system.  Interested in the modern approach where her business can have a home for potential clients through the website now integrated with their Social Media portals.


Advertise their brick & mortar location augmented with an online internet mall capable of:

- WebMail Advertising & Marketing Zoom Webinar Classes
-  Webmail publication sent to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 
- Include an eCommerce Online Store for direct sales of                 nutraceuticals, services and events, with companion books, CD's etc,.
- Sharing information about staff, services, and classes serving the greater London community
- Online Event Notification and Payment facilities
- Automatic gathering of customer information for future contact & communication